Cristina di Belgioioso

The story of the adventurous and compelling life of Princess Cristina di Belgioioso takes place in a contemporary living room. The princess of Belgioioso was a woman of a thousand faces, a writer, fighter and patriot intolerant of foreign oppression, a woman of beauty thirsting for truth as her friend and German poet Heinrich Heine defined her. During the years of her Parisian exile she opened her house to artists and protagonists of the Italian Risorgimento struggle. Her salon became one of the most important in Paris and was frequented by artists such as Sthendal, Dumas senior, Heine, Liszt, Bellini. Rich, cultured and extravagant, absolutely avant-garde for her times, Cristina di Belgioioso lived fully and richly outside the mold of the society to which she belonged and which was abandoned into oblivion after her death .

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