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The association carries out cultural, artistic and recreational activities of social interest, promoting the diffusion of culture, art and volunteering through educational and entertainment initiatives with particular attention to those places and situations that present problems of access to art also performative. These proposals are always aimed at a collaboration between well-known artists and the world of volunteering in the territories.

The association organizes multidisciplinary activities of cultural interest such as performance events, meetings, readings, shows, book promotion, all aimed at enhancing different cultural expressions, promoting the culture of legality, with attention to social issues and the involvement of women, young people and vulnerable people.

The promotion of intergenerational and intercultural dialogue are among the objectives of the association which always works in favor of the community, also with activities aimed at the recovery and valorisation of the artistic heritage of the territory, regional and national.

In recent years the association has increased the use of modern digital resources both as a communication tool and as expressive tools in artistic-performative events.

In 2010, the only Italian association to win the European tender “The Civil Society Facility-EU-Turkey Intercultural Dialogue-Culture and Arts” in collaboration with partners from Turkey and Corsica. The project aimed to raise awareness among young generations, through artistic languages, of the importance of water as an asset to be safeguarded and a common heritage of all peoples and countries.

In 2012 the association received the medal from the President of the Republic in recognition of the activities of the Un Paese all’Opera project.

In 2023 it is among the 15 associations resident in Emila Romagna admitted to funding from the PNRR music sector for the facilitation of the digital transition of creative and cultural organisations.



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