Contemporanea-mente project 4.0

The project aims to support professionals in the sector, especially young professionals who work in the performance sector, a category that has been among the most affected in this period of pandemic, and which has had to know how to reinvent a new way to maintain the relationship with the public.

The general objective of the Contemporanea-mente project is to recreate a social sphere using the show as an open tool for meeting and accessing culture even for an audience of non-specialists including children, the elderly and people with fragility.

The project also intends to bring the social nature of the show out of the defined places of representation such as theatres, which are not always accessible to spectators with socio-economic problems, thus allowing the community spaces (squares, parks, schools etc…) to be relived. Stimulating people to emerge from social isolation and lead them to develop an interest in culture also through the use of new digital tools will also lead to the result of “forming” a more motivated and aware public in informed choices and enjoyment. The artistic-cultural offer of the project has a multidisciplinary value as, with its proposal of concerts, dance performances and readings of texts of particular social interest, it is addressed to a heterogeneous audience and offers everyone the opportunity and the tools for participation.

This experimental approach between tradition and innovation, between in-person performances and online events, will allow the Contemporanea-mente project to reach a wider level of participation through the development of innovative and “mixed” proposals with which the events planned between Rome will be organised. and the province of Bologna in the period between May and August 2022.

Cristina di Belgioioso